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Zuma says his smile is a facade “I cry every night”


The South African president was very emotional on Tuesday afternoon.

“South Africa is in crisis, folks. The problems we face today have pushed us to a breaking point, and it’s going to take real leadership to keep this nation from falling apart completely. We’re in a lot of trouble, which means things will not be easy going forward. ” said president Zuma on Tuesday afternoon at the Union Buildings in a brief meeting that was organised by his office.

“You see, I spend every moment of my life holding this delicate facade of a person together, and some times I just decide to get very sad and cry in my bed. If I’m elected president again, I promise to do the same thing for this country.” President Zuma continued.

Zuma confessed that the South Africa we know is slipping away, and it’s no wonder. Hardworking people have seen their jobs sent overseas, terrible acts of violence are being carried out on our streets every day, and our infrastructure is crumbling all around us.

Zuma continued and said “Meanwhile, our government is so dysfunctional that it can’t get anything done. This nation may be on the verge of total collapse, but then, so am I—and look how well I’ve hidden my own issues and insecurities behind a paper-thin veneer of wealth and success.”


The president revealed that he puts the people of this country first, and that is the reason why he cries o much at night. He stated that if he could, he would give all of his wealth to the poor and needy.

“I work tirelessly around the clock to somehow piece together the jumbled fragments of my psyche in such a way that I can function on a daily basis and give off the impression that I’m an unqualified success story” He concluded.

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