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Zuma: I had to sell my kidney so I can repay the money


Opposition parties on Monday welcomed President Jacob Zuma’s repayment of R7.8 million to the State for luxuries added to his private home at Nkandla.
It has been speculated that Zuma got a loan from the mutual bank (VBS Mutual Bank), a bank which is supposed to benefit ordinary people in Vhembe.

After the EFF threatened to look into the circumstances of the loan from VBS Mutual Bank, Zuma shocked the nation by confessing that he had to sell one his kidneys to get the R7.8 million.

“I sold my kidney to a Venda woman. After I was operated, I got the money in my bank account the next day.” Revealed Zuma.

Other sources revealed that this might be true, there is actually a very Rich Venda sangoma who was visited by a very prominent figure recently.


It is said that Zuma is planning to sell his other kidney so he can fund his next trip to Mauritius in December.

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